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Makeup Tips And Tricks

When it comes to choosing, and even applying your makeup, it’s always good to become informed. To understand how to apply your makeup is an art in itself, I know it can be frustrating sometimes but bare beside me and we’ll go through some helpful tips that will help you exfoliate those gorgeous qualities you may have been hiding. A few of these tips you’ll only find in a makeup textbook – but sharing it along with you I’d as if you use this information and transfer too. If you are a shopping fanatic like myself – you love to try things on, dabble, then proceed to the next product, and you’ll also know makeup could be the hardest product to only “try on” without it using a lasting effect.

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Know More about Makeup Styles for Every Occasion


You will find many different makeup styles in the media and the world at large. Whether you’re going to a big party or the grocery store, there is a makeup style out there that is perfect for your lifestyle.
Here is some information about popular styles to choose from and hence you can select the one that is best for you:

Natural Makeup
This style is made for women who just want their makeup to provide a light facial enhancement. Rather than transforming the way you look, the natural approach involves simple changes in the way your skin, eyes, and mouth look on their own. The colors here are similar to the ones that are already existent on the face, but adding them can still make a difference.

Evening Makeup
If you are planning on wearing evening makeup, you already know that bold and sexy is the way to go. While natural makeup is great for everyday looks, sometimes it Continue reading

Tips for Great Looking Eyebrows


Tweezing is the most inexpensive way to remove unwanted hair. A pair of Tweezers will cost between two to five dollars, but the effect of a well shaped eyebrow through tweezing can be very astounding. Your eyebrow’s shape should go along with your brow bone’s natural line. The arch should come out to be the highest at the pupil’s outer corner. To know exactly where the brow should start, align a pencil straight up from the inner corner of the eye. To know where it exactly should it end, a pencil, held diagonally from the outer corner of the eye to the brow bone can help. The very first time you pluck your eyebrows, it could be painful. But after two or three sessions, you feel almost nothing. Eyebrows shape should have an arch. Ideally, it should be over the iris of the eye. Be careful not to overdo it; it should come out natural and conforms with your eye.
1. How To Pluck Eyebrows:
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Professional Eye Makeup Recommendations

The eyes have the potential to be one of the most striking features you have to offer. If you take the time to put on a little makeup, you can really make them stand out. There are a few eye makeup tips that will help anyone achieve a great look.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when applying eye makeup is to use the wrong type of brush. It might be obvious that you don’t want to use a blush brush to apply your eye shadow, but there are a lot of other ways that brushes can keep you from achieving your best look. If the brush isn’t good quality, then it won’t apply your makeup as evenly with a consistent look.

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Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes


Dark circles are a common non-hormonal, dermatological problem troubling many. Before learning about the ways to do away with dark circles, one must learn about the root cause of dark circle. The region surrounding our eyes has a meshwork of delicate blood vessels or capillaries just underneath the soft, thin layer of skin. The capillaries are so fine that red blood cells at times get lost in the surrounding skin due to wreckage or breakage in the capillary walls.

The accumulation of red blood cells escaping through leakages in capillaries result in dark circles that are blue-black or dark purplish in color. This escaping of RBCs or red blood cells take place throughout the body, but dark circles are so evident and prominent only below the eyes, because the skin in that region is very thin and translucent, and the blood vessels are situated very close to the skin surface.

When it comes to reducing dark spots, you don’t need an expensive eye cream to do the job. In fact, look around your kitchen and you might just find the best home remedy for under eye circles.

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The Eye Beauty Secrets And Nice Look


The eyes are regarded as one of the most beautiful and expressive assets of a person. They reveal joy and elation as much as they uncover sadness and melancholy. Sometimes they are pensive and other times they are mischievous or mysterious. A mere glance can speak volumes about your mood. They are often the first feature noticed by others. Since they reflect one’s personality and real self so well, it is essential to give them your utmost love and care.Here are some eye makeup tips for you.
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6 DIY Beauty Tip Don’ts!

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Everyone is a beauty guru these days! Take a look around and you will find beauty tips everywhere and anywhere – from social media to blogs to YouTube videos. The best part of it all is that you have plenty of information, including unconventional and cost-saving tips that can produce the same results as heavily marketed brands. But how can beauty fanatics know what works and what doesn’t? Here are 6 DIY Beauty Trick Don’ts that will make you think twice about trying that new thing you found on the Internet:

Beauty Trick #1: Make Your Lips Pop (In a Good Way)!

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