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How to get your child into modeling

Being a parent I have always been told that I should involve my child into modeling or acting. After doing some thinking I figured I would give it a shot and do some research and share with you guys what I found. If you live anywhere but LA it is a little harder for you to find a job for you child since the markets are not as big.

The first thing you are going to have to do is to find a reputable agency that is willing to work with your child. Some people will tell you to go to the BBB website and look at the company ratings but that can be a little misleading since the BBB will not always be truthful about the company that they have reviews on. Take your time and do your research on your own, don’t believe sites such as BBB, Yelp and other review sites because they are misleading sometimes, if you can go check out the agency and make the choice once you do so.

Once you have found a few agencies that you think might fit your child the best, take a few photos of your kid or if you can afford to hire a professional photographer. Take several head shorts and dress your child in bright clothes and clothes that will best represent their personality. Once you have the photos it is time to create a comp card, a comp card is a marketing tool for actors and especially models. They serve as the latest and best of a model’s portfolio and are used as a business card. Once you have the comp card it is time to mail them out to the modeling agencies that you chose.

The most important thing now is to wait and be patient, do not get discouraged if your child did not get called in. Keep in mind that the agency gets thousands of requests per month. In the mean time you can submit your child to individual jobs on your own just so your child can gain some experience.

I hope that this article answered some of the questions about how to get your child into modeling.

Acting Opportunities For Kids and Teens

Children’s television networks are some of the most watched networks on cable television and no wonder… In today’s day and age kid’s love technology, they spend a little less time outside, and especially around this time of year they are watching more television than ever.

Now, there are two routes your kid could go… they could be the couch potatoe watching the kid’s television shows (and every kid deserves to watch at least SOME TV), or they could be the actor starring in the television show.

There are so many opportunities for kids to act it’s unbeleivable.

Here’s a quick overview of how to get your child started off in acting.

  1. Apply to as many Disney channel auditions as you can. Disney is by far the #1 network for children, and many children have gotten their careers started off with Disney. Think about it, Brittney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, they all got their start with Disney!
  2. The second biggest television network is Nickelodeon, so apply to Nickelodeon auditions as well. Nickelodeon seems to be taking a disney-esque turn for the better, especially with the success of shows like iCarly they are becoming more and more like Disney everyday and not only producing new television shows for kids, but also producing more Nickelodeon movies.
  3. Don’t overlook small-time gigs. While Disney and Nickelodeon roles may be the end goal, there are a limited amount of opportunities with those two networks and a lot of competition. So apply to other acting jobs for kids as well. There are a ton of commercials that kids are needed for (Juicy Juice, Candy, Clothing, Toys, etc.)
  4. Invest in at least some acting training for your child.
  5. Enroll your child in drama/theater classes at their school if they are offered.

There are a few tips about how to become a successful child actor or get your child started off in the right direction with acting. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

One last thing I will leave you with is this… teach your kids about “failing forward”. They won’t be casted in every part that they audition for, and as you probably know from being a parent that our little ones have fragile feelings. Let them know the importance of getting back on their feet, dusting off their shoulders, and trying harder next time. Also explain that sometimes a casting director just wants somebody with a certain look, height, etc, and that even if their acting was amazing they might just not have had the look that was written in the script.


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