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Notes for a New Year

It’s a new year, January is the month of new beginnings. Things are suppose to be new and fresh and exciting all over again. What I love about a “new year” is that, it means only a few months left of yucky snow (Michigan life), and it’s totally appropriate to wear white jeans again (I took about a month off), even though the whole “no white after Labor Day” rule is dunzo.  I mean, I’m even sick of black this, and black that, when black is pretty much my favorite “non-color” besides white. Wink wink!.. I’m ready for pastels and all white everything! There are however, a few things I’m not ready to let go of/ would like to see go for 2014…

1. My obsession with Leather/ Faux-Leather pants. I can’t get over it just yet. Besides the fact I want to wear them every day, and it’s not technically “spring” here until late April. Let’s not forget I suffer from having issues with people “seeing me in the same thing twice disease”. So this is tricky, but I’m still addicted. I’ll try the leather shorts with tights now, between my hot ass leather pencil skirt and leather and faux leather pants,  through spring. However, I find it very unpractical to wear leather shorts in the summer.  I’ll suffer for fashion, but pain and sweat are totally different monsters. Am I wrong?! It grosses me out! Not to mention, other options that are more desirable such as, my black sequin Zara shorts, from 4 years ago are way hotter anyway, and not in the sweaty kind of “hot” either…

2. Oxford loafers… Where did these ugly things come from? Were designers so cornered with coming up with a stylish flat that they sold themselves short for this style?! And thirsty fashonista reporter type wannabe’s. accepted them, for lack of a fashionable voice of their own (heaven forbid). I mean there are one type of woman where this looks good on, and it’s not me honey. Not hating, they are just NOT sexy, on this type of female. At all. Period. They have to go. I’m sorry, I’m not sorry. I hate them.

3. I am soooooo happy pointed toe shoes are in again, (minus any platform). Words can not explain. I always hated the stripper platform shoes, that have been popular in recent years. The fact that some still designers are still coming out with these styles with the stripper platform is beyond me. I’ll  be straight up when I say, there must a lot of “inner strippers”, in some rich bitches in the suburbs or here there and everywhere, because this style is still out there. Or maybe a lot of risqué gals who married up, continue to buy the shoes thus encouraging these designers to come out with more of the less glam style. They are gross (the stripper esque shoes). No one wears them appropriately. They have to G.O…

5. Flats in general I have a hard time with. Heels are just plain sexier! It’s so hard to find a cute flat if you are below “supermodel height”. Unless, of course you are in full on Lulu Lemon headed to a workout class in your neon tenni’s, but even that is hard to pull off past the grocery store, post workout..

6. Take care of your skin in the winter months.  Winter months are especially hard on your hair and skin. This time of year takes a huge toll on your skin, hair, and nails. Why you ask? Because, there is so little moisture in the air naturally,  and due to having the “heat on” in your home and in your car. Hot showers can even cause dry skin in winter months if you do not moisturize quick enough post shower, and properly. Read the ingredient list on your moisturizers. This is particularly important in winter months. Stay away from cheap moisturizers with alcohol in the ingredient list, or petroleum, or mineral oil. My favorite winter moisturizer in the winter is raw coconut oil. Plain and simple. It’s good for you, and your whole family inside and out. It’s free of excess garbage found in most main stream “moisturizers”, and you can use it head to toe. Not only do I cook with it, I use it as a hair masque, face/body moisturizer, cuticle oil, and spread it on toast all in the same day. My young son and I have sensitive skin, and this is the only thing that doesn’t sting, and delivers results. LOVE!

6.  As far as your face,  clean & soft makeup with a bright bold lip are a DO. Don’t get caught up in the whole high-light/contour fad. It’s great for professional Makeup Artists, and nights out when you may get photographed, but it doesn’t always translate on the everyday. Especially if you are attempting the look and you are not a professionals makeup artist. Less really is more…

7. Nails, I love looking at all the fun nail art designs posted on social media, and I look forward to more in 2014. Almost everything goes,however, acrylic and (orange glow tan) is still a no… Not sorry.

8. I hope pastel hair stays cool for the young-in’s because I am obsessed, and not ready to let it go!  I personally can’t pull it off because, I’m not that cool, I’m a mom and turning 30 this year. Let’s keep that gorgeous trend for the 25 and below crowd. I love seeing the photos!

9.  Boots. I love them, and they are cool year ’round. For a more summer boot, go for a perforated style that’s sued and/ or, peep-toe, or both. Boot are sexy and cool year round. Check in to Pinterest, or your favorite fashion blog for style tips.

10. Layers.  Start with a well fitting tank, and choose which shoes/ boots you wish to sport for the day, and work your way from there. This is good until it’s too warm to layer. Personally, I’m a little over cardigans. As much as I love them, they don’t flatter anyone’s shape unless you belt them correctly and that can be more hassle then you set out for when looking for your outfit of the day. Blazers are a classic option, always look amazing and come off less sloppy than a cardigan, plus they flatter a womans shape more so than a cardigan. Don’t forget another layering option: Leather and fur/faux vests. A never fail in cold weather, and always a good layer option as well.


DVF11. Last but not least, words of fashion wisdom for 2014… Legging are something a lot of suburbanites and beyond swear by ( I am even, one myself) for day to day errands. However, try to limit the “legging look” to workouts and groceries.If you care to make a fashion impression, in the outside world, and if not disregard this piece of advice. Fashionista’s have condemned the look for an “all day” look since they (the leggings) resurrected themselves. As a fashion icon would say, “Feel like a woman, wear a dress”.  DVF

Basically, get up, and dress up! We are woman. It’s enough we have the world on our shoulders. Bur we also are lucky enough to have a cast of brilliant designers who have created lines just for us Women! Not just clothing designers, but makeup artists, hair stylists, and of course shoe designers who have broken grounds for the everyday girl to her her own, Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, or her modern day Kate Moss.

This quote is what gets me motivated on those days where all I want to wear is my yoga attire and no-makeup. Ugh!!! Be sexy, and go get it,  every single day! Weather its under what you are wearing and you are the only one who knows,  or right there for everyone too see as a red lip, just give a little glam… For your sake, the woman you are, if not for anyone else.

Quotes by this iconic designer are extremely real and inspirational, for any woman.  I highly recommend looking up all her of words of wisdom. Dian Von Furstenberg is truly a woman’s woman.  Dian Von Furstenberg, is a true icon.

Happy New Year!


The Easiest Way To Become a Paid Actor

You might hate them now, but if you’re an up and coming actor I’ve got a little secret that will make you instantly love them. What the heck am I talking about? – Commercials!

So here’s the deal – obviously a very small percentage of actors become rich, famous and end up on TMZ for doing something ridiculously crazy (we can all dream, right?).

However, there are a lot of smaller paid projects for actors, and one of them is commercials.

Think about all the commercials you see on television when you’re watching your favorite show. Those companies pay actors big bucks to represent their products, service, and brand.

So what can you do? attend commercial auditions of course!

The great thing about commercials is that there’s significantly less competition for a commercial than there is for a role in a major feature film, it only requires about a day or two of work, it’s usually pretty easy work if you’re comfortable in front of the camera, and depending on who’s commercial you’re starring in the pay can be great!

Plus, it’s pretty dang cool to see yourself on T.V. Imagine how great of a feeling it would be to be on a commercial that airs during the superbowl.

All in all, commercial acting is a great opportunity, it’s a great way to gain some experience in the industry, and awesome for building up your resume so you can eventually land better acting jobs… and of course, way less competitive like I said.

If you’re new, have no experience, or just want some extra acting work I highly recommend auditioning for commercials.


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