It has been almost a year now that pastel hair colors are offering solace to those who want to show-off their vibrant side and push the boundaries to normal living. Pulling off a pastel hair color has almost become a symbol of daring to go bold or plain standing out in the crowd—making a statement in society. With both, men and women donning this look, the hair-styling industry is booming with more and fierce requests that are causing a slight revolution in the world of hair and hair colors. “Going bold with pastel colors has gotten to the youth and we welcome such changes when it makes a fashion statement”, says a prominent Salon owner who has people coming in almost every single day to get the swag on!

Social and change

With drastic changing taking place even at the social level, we normally see a plethora of women coming ahead and dyeing their hair and dancing to the tunes of bold colors, either with a streak of prominent and almost fluorescent colors or covering every strand of their hair with these strikingly amazing shades and hues. Then, for others there is a variety even in the type of application a person is comfortable with, including ombres, peekaboos, bands, and dip dyes; the list now seems never-ending.

What’s more interesting isn’t the fact that young girls and boys are trying out pastel hair, but even old women and professionals are getting into the groove and maintaining a great color while they strap on their handbags and briefcases and into the corporate world they go. From neon green to a vivacious pink and all the way to the gothic black and grey, the trend is booming and is reaching extreme heights in less than a year. What’s more interesting is that it still seems to be picking up pace.

Pulling off pastel… why not?

When asked if you can pull off pastel hair, what would your answer be? I am sure you are contemplating this thought and that is why you have reached this blog post. Though I cannot see you, I can tell you one thing: you should at no point in time believe that you cannot pull off pastel hair. If you have a thought in your mind and you have you heart completely fixed on a color, your next step should be to take the plunge and go for it. After all, it is all about staying comfortable in your element, in your own skin. It doesn’t matter the type of hair you possess or the length, the key aspect you will have to identify is how should the application goes down.

Natural hair colors

As per experts, blond hair seems to be the best hair color to try pastel colors on as it doesn’t require going through the tedious and expensive procedure of masking the hair light with care and caution. Brunettes and black-haired individuals will require these procedures and will need extra care and a good, reliable place to get the dyeing done. For this reason, we normally see blonds going bold with these colors and brunettes often sticking to equally luscious colors but a lighter blue or turquoise kind of shade.

Shades and hues

Talking about shades, the current favorites loom around the colors pastel purple or lilac and pastel pink and also the lovely shades of turquoise, blue, and jade, giving the air a great mermaid look-and-feel. Never knew going bad would feel so colorful! And, this act of coloring hair and making a statement can be addictive, to say the least.

How to choose your color?

It’s quintessential to get up and running with a color that not only matches your personal taste but also takes into consideration a few elements that will allow you to bask in its glory. Here are a few pointers you need to pay attention to when selecting a pastel hair color.

· Pick a color you love and you are comfortable viewing

· Don’t go for rainbow streaks if you are just starting off

· Check the color with its compatibility with your skin tone

· Take a moment and consider the type of application of the dye

· Do check your choice with the hairstylist before you go straight to the dyeing

So, now you have your motive, you have the will, and you have the color; the only bit left is to dive deep into the world of pastel hair colors. Stay strong! Stay colorful!