sunglassesSince you can run into a variety of eye-catching sunglasses by several designer brands these days, you may often get tempted and then end up buying a pair without even knowing whether it really suits you or not. In fact, more than often, many of us while blindly follow celebrity fashion tend to over look some crucial details and eventually end up buying a wrong fashion item.

The next time you go shopping for a pair of sunglasses make sure you keep the following points in mind which are discussed below.

1) First, while you’re choosing your sunglass you should see whether it’s suiting your face shape. Sunglasses come in a wide range of shape and sizes but it doesn’t mean each one of them will look good on you. Your face shape and skin color are the two factors which you have to consider while you’re shopping for shades. Large frames will suit wide faces but it looks overpowering on a small faces, people with small faces should wear small shades. And likewise small shades won’t look good on wide faces; instead it will make it more noticeable, so it’s advisable to opt for oversized ones if you happen to be wide faced.

Going by some common face shapes lets talk about what suits each one of them.

Oval face shape- If you have an oval face you’re free to choose frames of all shapes and sizes. But square frames with rounded corners will suit you the most. But in case you have soft features then settle for angular frames.

Round face shape- In case you have a round face then you should avoid rounded frames altogether. Choose a frame which will make your face look more slim and angular. Wider frames, angular and rectangular frames, brow bars and over sized sunglasses will suit you.

Narrow/Oblong face shape- People with oblong faces should avoid wearing large shades. The face will appear short by wearing rounded or square shades with decorative and contrasting temples.
Heart/Diamond face shape- In this case it’s recommended to wear a shade with rounded corners.

Triangular face shape- If you have triangular face you should choose frames with details on the upper rim and with brow bars which will widen your forehead balancing it with the lower part of your face.

Square face shape- In this case you need to choose a frame which will soften your angular features. So you can go for round and curvy frames.

2) Besides considering your face shape, you also need to pay attention to your skin tone while you choose your pair of shades. If you are warm toned, then colors like brown, red, gold orange will suit you. And in case you are cool toned then black, blue, pink and silver will suit you. But remember that black and dark brown shades can be worn in any occasion and go well with every outfit but as said earlier, should go with your skin tone.

3) Finally, you should make sure that the sunglass that you are purchasing are designed to lock 99-100% of the UV rays. These are not merely meant to be a fashion accessory but actually meant to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Check the tag attached to them in order to verify that. You can easily find a UV protective sunglass in a reputable store and you should definitely avoid buying shades from street venders because they don’t carry UV protection no matter how dark the glasses appear to be.

With a number of online stores, you can buy sunglasses of your choice with ease. While browsing, you are provided with the complete range of various sunglasses by almost every known and latest brands. Moreover, you can order any pair of glasses and get it delivered right at your doorstep. Try it and if it didn’t match your expectations you can just return it and try some other shade. Sunglasses are a very major component of a perfectly groomed personality and helps to create a unique image of yours. Whether it is aviators, wayfarers,teashades, mirrored sunglasses or any other type of glasses, you can just buy sunglasses online cheap and full of quality.

Buying sunglasses online might be a different experience for you but it is a completely safe and sound procedure to be fitted in the most appropriate pair of glasses designed especially for you. There are times when people use to have negative thoughts about shopping online but with time, perceptions have been changed and people like to shop from the comfort of their home. No matter what type of sunglasses you are looking for, there is a gargantuan variety available online.

Review the above before buying. And then choose wisely.