Hair is a fundamental frill for most and it consequently bodes well to Routine it to the best of your capacity. With the correct consideration that doesn’t bring about anxiety or damage it is conceivable to appreciate the light, streaming hair that gives the look and sparkle that you need. Here are five tips for your general hair support schedule:

Use conditioner wisely

Unless you have an issue with a very dry scalp, there is generally no need to apply a conditioner to the full head of hair. Applying too much conditioner can leave the hair looking quite greasy, especially when you consider the scalp is able to naturally produce oil on a daily basis. The preferred treatment is to targets on the ends and put conditioner on the last three-quarters of your hair.

Bobby pins

To stop the bobby pins sliding out it can benefit to give them a light spray of hairspray or similar. This has the desired effect of providing extra grip so it is no longer necessary to be concerned about them falling out and having a negative impact on the hair style. Make sure to leave the pins for several minutes to dry after spraying. This simple tip is most effective on thin, straight or fine hair.

Silk pillows

Switching the pillow case to satin or silk can have plenty of benefits. By replacing the cotton pillow it is not only possible to benefit the hair but also your skin. A cotton pillow can cause split ends or similar hair breakage, as well as removing moisture from the skin. Other benefits of switching to satin or silk are the more luxurious feel, healthier eyelashes and smoother skin.

Massage the scalp

Giving the scalp a massage every morning when having a shower can do wonders for the hair. It not only helps to improve the strength of the roots, but also helps to stimulate hair growth. The scalp massage helps to increase the blood flow to this area of the body which is beneficial for improving circulation, reducing stress and even putting you in a better mood.

Wide-tooth comb

A wide-tooth comb is a lot friendlier to the hair to brush out tangles from wet hair compared to the traditional paddle brush. This type of comb is less likely to pull and tug on the hair like a brush. This means it is easier and safer to remove the tangles while causing minimal damage. For more convenience it can benefit to use a wide-tooth comb while still in the shower. Also, for the more stubborn tangles, try to comb those out while the conditioner is still in the hair.

Proper hair maintenance helps not only your hair to be healthy but also to be beautiful. Nobody likes to have hair that they are embarrassed of being seen with. Unfortunately if you stop taking care of it, people will start noticing. Greasy hair full of dandruff, split ends, all these don’t help in giving you a proper look. So what can you do in order to maintain your beautiful and healthy curls?

First of all you need to trim your locks regularly. It grows unevenly, so you need to get it trimmed and in shape every few weeks or 2 months in order to cut off those longer ends that just don’t fit anymore with the rest.

If you are in the habit of coloring your curls, make sure to keep your roots always the same color with the rest. Hair grows fast and the top of your head will soon look like belonging to another person unless you visit your hair salon regularly. It is recommended that you have roots recoloring every 3 to 6 weeks, but of course it all depends on the rate of growth of your hair.

Many people like to use hair sprays and other hair styling products to enhance the appearance of their curls. If you are one of these people, make sure to more any buildup. What you could do is using a tablespoon of baking soda with some water to make a mix to which you add some shampoo. Use this concoction to wash it properly. This will take care of any buildup in your hair that is not removed during regular hair wash.

Brush your hair daily, however it is not necessary to use the already famous 100 strokes every night. This is a myth and in some cases it will actually ruin your mane. Just use as many brush strokes as you need to simply have it looking nice and untangled. When you brush your hair regularly it will help becoming thicker, shinier and healthier.

You can wash it every day but in this case make sure to use a daily gentle shampoo. There are some shampoos that you can put o your hair every day but there are also some that contain very strong chemicals and cannot be used more than twice a week. If you only have those at home and you want to wash your hair every day, go out and buy some very gentle shampoo. Your locks will thank you for it.

When you dry your mane use one of those professional hair dryers on the market. Don’t go for a cheap option only because it costs less money. There is a reason why some brands cost more than others. It all boils down to quality and the negative ions that break down the moisture into tiny droplets that are very easily absorbed by the hair shaft