Impact of Hair loss

Hair loss has become the most dreadful problem among people of all age groups. Now-a-days, most people have noticed the problem more often than normal when they comb or brush their hair. People may face severe hair fall in the summer season because their scalp gets dry, leading to irritation. Each hair strand consists of a hair shaft, which is a root underneath the skin, from which the hair grows. Keratin is the protein that is present in each hair strand.

People may tend to lose 50 to 100 hairs each day, and these will be replaced by new hair in the follicle. But, if your hair fall is abnormal, then you need to take necessary precautions to prevent further shedding of hair. Anyone can experience hair loss, and the problem may increase with the advancing age.

Natural remedies for hair loss are things that people who suffer from this will often wish to know. The number of remedies that can be had is vast but luckily many of them can be made by you in your home. You will need to keep in mind that these natural remedies will not work for every person.

The first thing to look at before you start with your remedies is the reason behind the loss or thinning of the scalp follicles. Medical issues like iron deficiency and thyroid deficiency can cause people to suffer from this. Before you start using remedies you may want to go to your doctor and get the issue looked at. The side effects of some types of medication will include follicle problems. This can usually be remedied by simply not taking those medications but you should consult your doctor first.

The use of aroma therapy and massage has been shown to have very positive natural remedies. There are certain oils that aroma therapists will recommended for use in these remedies. The person will rub the oil into their scalp along with a releasing agent. Through the releasing agent the person is able to absorb and inhale the oils and this will help with follicle growth. Massages like deep scalp massages will help with blood and oxygen circulation. This is needed for the follicles to grow.

There are certain things that are used in a number of remedies. One of these things is coconut that is used in oil and milk form. Coconut milks can be rubbed directly into the scalp as a remedy. It is also possible to rub a mixture of coconut oil and lime juice or water. It is important to apply this remedy daily. Another easy to make remedy would be Alma boiling in coconut oil.

Rubbing things into the scalp or placing things on the scalp are the administration method of many natural remedies. The juice of green coriander leaves should be rubbed into the scalp to stimulate growth. Having equal quantities of ground black pepper and lime seed placed on the head will also help. Castor oil when rubbed into the scalp regularly can also be a powerful remedy. Red gram or pigeon pea ground and made into a paste is another remedy. This remedy will also need to be applied to the scalp.

Many shampoos are made to help keep our hair healthy. Natural remedies can also be made to be used as a shampoo. Alma juice mixed with the same amount of lime juice can be used as a shampoo which will help the follicles. Making a paste out of fenugreek and cooked black gram dal is a remedy that will also lengthen the hair. This paste should also be used as a shampoo.

Saw palmetto and Nettle root are amongst the most effective natural remedies of hair loss in women. Both these work better than most of the other natural remedies for female baldness and thinning of hair. One most important thing to be noted hereby is that none of these can work very fast. Like all other natural remedies for hair loss in women, this couple of treatments is a bit slow. Subjects are requested to have patience

Natural remedies for hair loss are very easy to find. Some of them will need to be carried out by trained people while others can be made at home.