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Cranberry And Healthy Hair


Cranberry oil is often used in hair care products. Cranberry oil is a popular choice to put in wholesale cosmetics and hair care. Cranberry is utilized in the products to keep the hair healthier and stronger.

The reason that cranberry works well with wholesale cosmetics is that it contains omega-3, omega-6, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Without these ingredients, the hair can easily become dry and brittle. Hair needs fatty acids to be healthy and manageable.

The omegas allow good scalp therapy. Omega-3 and omega-6 oil help with scalp conditions such as dandruff and itching. It can also help with other skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.
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6 DIY Beauty Tip Don’ts!

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Everyone is a beauty guru these days! Take a look around and you will find beauty tips everywhere and anywhere – from social media to blogs to YouTube videos. The best part of it all is that you have plenty of information, including unconventional and cost-saving tips that can produce the same results as heavily marketed brands. But how can beauty fanatics know what works and what doesn’t? Here are 6 DIY Beauty Trick Don’ts that will make you think twice about trying that new thing you found on the Internet:

Beauty Trick #1: Make Your Lips Pop (In a Good Way)!

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How to Wear Matte Red Lipstick


When you a wear matte red lipstick it can be either flattering or unappealing. There is no in-between. The texture of matte lipsticks makes them less forgiving than other lipsticks. But with these tips, you will master how to wear matte red lipstick.

The Key To A Perfect Matte Red Lipstick is Healthy Lips!

Dull, scaly, and dry lips are more noticeable with a matte textured lipstick. So start with exfoliated and moisturized lips. Use your Clarisonic or your Olay Pro Cleansing brush – which is a drugstore version of the Clarisonic. Don’t have either? Use your toothbrush. Take 30 to 45 seconds to exfoliate your lips using gentle, circular motions to remove dead skin.

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How to Contour Your Cheeks With Powder Makeup

How to contour your cheeks with powder makeup


What is it about the contoured cheekbones that has us females writhing with glee when we get it right but crying rivers when it goes oh so wrong ?

While the contouring fad has spread like wildfire due to social media, little do we remember that it was all the rage back in the 80s along with big hairdos. Funny how some things survive but others, thankfully, die out *Leotards and untoned bodies via VH1*

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Best Eye Makeup for Your Money

It is said that your eyes are the window to your soul. Perhaps that is why women love to experiment with eye makeup that will proclaim a certain spirit in their soul for all the world to see. Whether you are interested in a professional look, eye popping look, demure look, or to reflect some other aspect of your personality, there are two things you are interested in. One is getting eye makeup that performs well, and the other is finding the best eye makeup for your money.




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Having fit and toned body is a sign of healthy exterior as well as the interior. When exercising, we tend to focus on bulking up the abdominal muscles to achieve the six-pack look, or we simply target the gluteal muscles to firm up the behind. What does a six-pack or bubble butt help one achieve when the arms remain loose? To avoid such imbalance, here in this article you will find five quick and easy exercises that will help you sculpt the arms.

1. Push-ups for Triceps
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Simple Tips For Proper Swimsuit Care


one-piece-swimsuitDeciding on the best one piece swimsuit for you isn’t as difficult while you think because makers of swimwear tend to be more aware than ever that all women, no matter age or size, all want exactly the same thing; a flattering swimsuit. As women, we all have a bump here or a roll there that people wish we could get rid of. Thankfully, today’s one piece swimsuit is made to hide things like that, hold within the trouble areas and enhance the parts that should be enhanced. Add to that a myriad of cuts and colors to select from and there really is a one piece swimsuit for any body.

Tips for Choosing Your One Piece Swimsuit

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