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Pure Essential Oils for the Skin


essential-oilsEssential Oils are aromatic liquids having a tremendous medicinal value obtained from flowers, seeds, and trees in general. The very basis that it is something obtained from nature makes it all the more reliable and special. The processes involved in obtaining these organic oils may vary, but then the uses are diverse! Starting from hydro-extraction to using steam to extract the oil, the procedures can vary. At times, solvents are used too to get the oil out of the seeds. Be it physical processes like hand picking or chemical, the end result is all the same.

A Boon for The Skin

It is a fact that skin care products are not all that good as they seem to be. In fact, they are laden with a lot of chemicals which more often than not cause harmful reactions which lead to peeling of the skin. These days, with the advent of technology and coming off several products in the market, the traditional methods seem to be forgotten. However, one cannot refute the fact that ‘old is gold’! Even today, herbs and Ayurveda are capable of curing certain diseases where our modern medicinal science can be of no help. Conventional usage of skin care products does not eradicate any problem and rather adds on to it in a way which is unpredictable at times. It is in such cases that the need for pure natural essential oil is realized.

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Healthy Hair


Beauty lies in beautiful hair and much effort is required to keep up the same. When good looks are talked about, good hair surely tops the list. Again like any other factors, good hair does reflect on your internal health and habits. Also, it depends on the different health conditions we go through like anemia, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies etc. and due to these conditions and our habits problems like hair loss, dandruff, graying of hair etc. are experienced. Let us now discuss on the right food diet required for a healthy hair.

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Help Guide To An Excellent Curling Iron

Whether your style is long and lustrous, short and sassy or soft and romantic, getting the right curling iron for your look is essential to your hair’s overall health. Plus, you’ll save time and money by learning how to choose minimal styling tools that get results fast. There are plenty of salon quality styling tools available at great values on the market today. You can easily find lightweight, user-friendly curling irons guaranteed to bring you professional results in the comfort of your home.

Help Guide To An Excellent Curling Iron

Are you getting annoyed trying to find a good Hair curling wand? There are plenty to choose from plus a good one can perform things like style your hair at some occasion. The problem is that there are specific things to look for before deciding the best for you. Here is a small guide to what we determine to be the most Continue reading

Tips for Great Looking Eyebrows


Tweezing is the most inexpensive way to remove unwanted hair. A pair of Tweezers will cost between two to five dollars, but the effect of a well shaped eyebrow through tweezing can be very astounding. Your eyebrow’s shape should go along with your brow bone’s natural line. The arch should come out to be the highest at the pupil’s outer corner. To know exactly where the brow should start, align a pencil straight up from the inner corner of the eye. To know where it exactly should it end, a pencil, held diagonally from the outer corner of the eye to the brow bone can help. The very first time you pluck your eyebrows, it could be painful. But after two or three sessions, you feel almost nothing. Eyebrows shape should have an arch. Ideally, it should be over the iris of the eye. Be careful not to overdo it; it should come out natural and conforms with your eye.
1. How To Pluck Eyebrows:
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Professional Eye Makeup Recommendations

The eyes have the potential to be one of the most striking features you have to offer. If you take the time to put on a little makeup, you can really make them stand out. There are a few eye makeup tips that will help anyone achieve a great look.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when applying eye makeup is to use the wrong type of brush. It might be obvious that you don’t want to use a blush brush to apply your eye shadow, but there are a lot of other ways that brushes can keep you from achieving your best look. If the brush isn’t good quality, then it won’t apply your makeup as evenly with a consistent look.

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Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes


Dark circles are a common non-hormonal, dermatological problem troubling many. Before learning about the ways to do away with dark circles, one must learn about the root cause of dark circle. The region surrounding our eyes has a meshwork of delicate blood vessels or capillaries just underneath the soft, thin layer of skin. The capillaries are so fine that red blood cells at times get lost in the surrounding skin due to wreckage or breakage in the capillary walls.

The accumulation of red blood cells escaping through leakages in capillaries result in dark circles that are blue-black or dark purplish in color. This escaping of RBCs or red blood cells take place throughout the body, but dark circles are so evident and prominent only below the eyes, because the skin in that region is very thin and translucent, and the blood vessels are situated very close to the skin surface.

When it comes to reducing dark spots, you don’t need an expensive eye cream to do the job. In fact, look around your kitchen and you might just find the best home remedy for under eye circles.

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10 Natural Ways of Removing Blackheads

Blackheads are pores, which come with very large openings. It is clogged with the dirt and dead skin. It can also lead to melanin oxidation results in this black color. How can you cure blackhead naturally? Many people often ask themselves this question whenever they are looking for the best solution. Here are some of the natural ways of removing blackheads:

1. Using Egg White Mask

You can prepare this easy mask at your home fast to apply on your nose. Egg White can easily tighten your face pores temporarily that will not only remove all your current blackheads at the same time reducing the likelihoods of future blackheads. When you use it, you will always have an easy time when you want to improve the beauty of your nose. You should remember that eggs are rich in necessary nutrition that will help remove blackheads that you might need.

2. Honey & Milk Pore Strips

We know that milk and honey have numerous beneficial properties for the skin of the body. Milk has lactic acid, which can keep the skin soft, while honey has numerous antibacterial ingredients. When you use them, you will always find a good remedy for blackhead that would work fast when compared to others that exists in the market. You should wait for about 20 minutes after you can apply paste over your skin before letting it dry properly.

3. Try Cinnamon Strips

The combination of cinnamon is a wonderful property that can help you get rid of all blackheads. Cinnamon has antibacterial properties at the same time can improve the blood circulation of your skin. You should ensure that you use it correctly whenever you need a perfect solution. When you use it well, you will make your skin healthy and smooth. After you cleaning your face, it is important that you use a moisturizer for best results.

4. Use Lemon to Remove Blackheads

Clogged, open and pores can cause Blackheads by reacting to oxygen. Therefore, one of the easiest methods of getting rid of blackheads fast through shrinking pores of your skin. Lemon juice is a vital astringent, which will do the job properly. When you use it properly, you will always get the best solution that would work for you well.

5. Use Baking Soda and Water

Baking soda is another good ingredient for removing blackheads. It has small granules that work naturally to help you remove clogging pores on your skin. You will definitely enjoy it especially when you need a perfect solution that would work for you.

6. Lemon Juice

You can use lemon juice together with Cinnamon powder to treat blackheads. The mixture has some anti-bacterial properties that will help you clear your skin well. Using it will always work perfectly especially when you do need that perfect solution.

7. Use Olive Oil and Sugar

If you want to use this Olive Oil and Sugar solution, you will have the best results when compared to what you can easily get especially when you want to make your skin to look smooth and young. You can use one teaspoon of the mixture daily when you want the best solution.

8. Green Tea Solution

Green tea has high levels of antioxidants, which can diminishes oils at the same time reduce irritation on your skin. You will also increase the flow of blood thus making sure that you do get the best solution. With these anti-bacterial properties, which makes it a perfect solution when you need to remove Blackheads from your nose.

9. Try Toothpaste Solution

Blackheads often happen, when dirt or oil is caught in pores before being solidly affected. Facial veils that dry on your skin help to draw out dirt or oil. As these veils solidify, they draw out contamination, which makes the skin to relax and disclose clogged pores or blackheads. When you try a toothpaste, you will get a solution that would work for you well.

10. Apply Turmeric and Mint

This is another natural remedy to remove blackheads. When you use it, you will get the best result when compared to other solutions that exists. You will always be satisfied with the results when using a mixture of Turmeric and Mint.

In conclusion, the above are the 10 natural ways of removing blackheads if you need the best solution.

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