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Pastel Hair Colors – Can you pull them off?

It has been almost a year now that pastel hair colors are offering solace to those who want to show-off their vibrant side and push the boundaries to normal living. Pulling off a pastel hair color has almost become a symbol of daring to go bold or plain standing out in the crowd—making a statement in society. With both, men and women donning this look, the hair-styling industry is booming with more and fierce requests that are causing a slight revolution in the world of hair and hair colors. “Going bold with pastel colors has gotten to the youth and we welcome such changes when it makes a fashion statement”, says a prominent Salon owner who has people coming in almost every single day to get the swag on!

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Makeup Tips And Tricks

When it comes to choosing, and even applying your makeup, it’s always good to become informed. To understand how to apply your makeup is an art in itself, I know it can be frustrating sometimes but bare beside me and we’ll go through some helpful tips that will help you exfoliate those gorgeous qualities you may have been hiding. A few of these tips you’ll only find in a makeup textbook – but sharing it along with you I’d as if you use this information and transfer too. If you are a shopping fanatic like myself – you love to try things on, dabble, then proceed to the next product, and you’ll also know makeup could be the hardest product to only “try on” without it using a lasting effect.

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How to Choose the Perfect Sunglasses

sunglassesSince you can run into a variety of eye-catching sunglasses by several designer brands these days, you may often get tempted and then end up buying a pair without even knowing whether it really suits you or not. In fact, more than often, many of us while blindly follow celebrity fashion tend to over look some crucial details and eventually end up buying a wrong fashion item.

The next time you go shopping for a pair of sunglasses make sure you keep the following points in mind which are discussed below.

1) First, while you’re choosing your sunglass you should see whether it’s suiting your face shape. Sunglasses come in a wide range of shape and sizes but it doesn’t mean each one of them will look good on you. Your face shape and skin color are the two factors which you have to consider while you’re shopping for shades. Large frames will suit wide faces but it looks overpowering on a small faces, people with small faces should wear small shades. And likewise small shades won’t look good on wide faces; instead it will make it more noticeable, so it’s advisable to opt for oversized ones if you happen to be wide faced.

Going by some common face shapes lets talk about what suits each one of them.

Oval face shape- If you have an oval face you’re free to choose frames of all shapes and sizes. But square frames with rounded corners will suit you the most. But in case you have soft features then settle for angular frames.
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Useful Tips for Hair Routine

Hair is a fundamental frill for most and it consequently bodes well to Routine it to the best of your capacity. With the correct consideration that doesn’t bring about anxiety or damage it is conceivable to appreciate the light, streaming hair that gives the look and sparkle that you need. Here are five tips for your general hair support schedule:

Use conditioner wisely

Unless you have an issue with a very dry scalp, there is generally no need to apply a conditioner to the full head of hair. Applying too much conditioner can leave the hair looking quite greasy, especially when you consider the scalp is able to naturally produce oil on a daily basis. The preferred treatment is to targets on the ends and put conditioner on the last three-quarters of your hair.

Bobby pins

To stop the bobby pins sliding out it can benefit to give them a light spray of hairspray or similar. This has the desired effect of providing extra grip so it is no longer necessary to be concerned about them falling out and having a negative impact on the hair style. Make sure to leave the pins for several minutes to dry after spraying. This simple tip is most effective on thin, straight or fine hair.

Silk pillows

Switching the pillow case to satin or silk can have plenty of benefits. By replacing the cotton pillow it is not only possible to benefit the hair but also your skin. A cotton pillow can cause split ends or similar hair breakage, as well as removing moisture from the skin. Other benefits of switching to satin or silk are the more luxurious feel, healthier eyelashes and smoother skin.

Massage the scalp

Giving the scalp a massage every morning when having a shower can do wonders for the hair. It not only helps to improve the strength of the roots, but also helps to stimulate hair growth. The scalp massage helps to increase the blood flow to this area of the body which is beneficial for improving circulation, reducing stress and even putting you in a better mood.

Wide-tooth comb

A wide-tooth comb is a lot friendlier to the hair to brush out tangles from wet hair compared to the traditional paddle brush. This type of comb is less likely to pull and tug on the hair like a brush. This means it is easier and safer to remove the tangles while causing minimal damage. For more convenience it can benefit to use a wide-tooth comb while still in the shower. Also, for the more stubborn tangles, try to comb those out while the conditioner is still in the hair.

Proper hair maintenance helps not only your hair to be healthy but also to be beautiful. Nobody likes to have hair that they are embarrassed of being seen with. Unfortunately if you stop taking care of it, people will start noticing. Greasy hair full of dandruff, split ends, all these don’t help in giving you a proper look. So what can you do in order to maintain your beautiful and healthy curls?

First of all you need to trim your locks regularly. It grows unevenly, so you need to get it trimmed and in shape every few weeks or 2 months in order to cut off those longer ends that just don’t fit anymore with the rest.

If you are in the habit of coloring your curls, make sure to keep your roots always the same color with the rest. Hair grows fast and the top of your head will soon look like belonging to another person unless you visit your hair salon regularly. It is recommended that you have roots recoloring every 3 to 6 weeks, but of course it all depends on the rate of growth of your hair.

Many people like to use hair sprays and other hair styling products to enhance the appearance of their curls. If you are one of these people, make sure to more any buildup. What you could do is using a tablespoon of baking soda with some water to make a mix to which you add some shampoo. Use this concoction to wash it properly. This will take care of any buildup in your hair that is not removed during regular hair wash.

Brush your hair daily, however it is not necessary to use the already famous 100 strokes every night. This is a myth and in some cases it will actually ruin your mane. Just use as many brush strokes as you need to simply have it looking nice and untangled. When you brush your hair regularly it will help becoming thicker, shinier and healthier.

You can wash it every day but in this case make sure to use a daily gentle shampoo. There are some shampoos that you can put o your hair every day but there are also some that contain very strong chemicals and cannot be used more than twice a week. If you only have those at home and you want to wash your hair every day, go out and buy some very gentle shampoo. Your locks will thank you for it.

When you dry your mane use one of those professional hair dryers on the market. Don’t go for a cheap option only because it costs less money. There is a reason why some brands cost more than others. It all boils down to quality and the negative ions that break down the moisture into tiny droplets that are very easily absorbed by the hair shaft

How Infused Water Can Help In Reducing Your Weight

Why is it so significant to stay hydrated? Your body relies on upon water for survival.Did you comprehend that water involves more than half of your body weight? Each cell, tissue, and organ in your body need water to work accurately.Your body utilizes water to assist food digestion, support blood circulation, transport nutrients, maintain a maximum body temperature level, get rid of waste and toxins, and lube joints.It is proven that drinking water can help you lose weight. It actually elevates the resting energy expenditure in children for about 25% that can last for 40 minutes. In other words, you can burn calories just by drinking water.

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Some Natural Remedies For Hair Loss


Impact of Hair loss

Hair loss has become the most dreadful problem among people of all age groups. Now-a-days, most people have noticed the problem more often than normal when they comb or brush their hair. People may face severe hair fall in the summer season because their scalp gets dry, leading to irritation. Each hair strand consists of a hair shaft, which is a root underneath the skin, from which the hair grows. Keratin is the protein that is present in each hair strand.

People may tend to lose 50 to 100 hairs each day, and these will be replaced by new hair in the follicle. But, if your hair fall is abnormal, then you need to take necessary precautions to prevent further shedding of hair. Anyone can experience hair loss, and the problem may increase with the advancing age.

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Know More about Makeup Styles for Every Occasion


You will find many different makeup styles in the media and the world at large. Whether you’re going to a big party or the grocery store, there is a makeup style out there that is perfect for your lifestyle.
Here is some information about popular styles to choose from and hence you can select the one that is best for you:

Natural Makeup
This style is made for women who just want their makeup to provide a light facial enhancement. Rather than transforming the way you look, the natural approach involves simple changes in the way your skin, eyes, and mouth look on their own. The colors here are similar to the ones that are already existent on the face, but adding them can still make a difference.

Evening Makeup
If you are planning on wearing evening makeup, you already know that bold and sexy is the way to go. While natural makeup is great for everyday looks, sometimes it Continue reading

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