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Simple makeup tips you may not have tried yet!




·        One of my favorite tricks I use almost daily, is heating up my lash curler with a blowdryer for a few seconds, before I curl them, and before I apply mascara. *Please use caution and be sure to test the curler so you don’t burn your eyelid.








·        Looking down into a mirror while applying mascara, helps keep excess mascara from bleeding onto your lash line. ;)








·        Use, a nude or “universal” lip liner under any lipstick. You do not need to match your liner to your lipstick. Liner crates a base so lipstick stays longer. This will also save you a little cash. ;)



Fixing lipstick


·        After you apply a vibrant color lipstick or if your lipstick tends to creep onto your teeth regardless of color, stick your finger in-between your lips and pull out the excess that might stray onto your teeth. No blotting required.






·        I don’t recommend using waterproof mascara on a daily basis. Instead, you can purchase a clear coat that locks in any mascara and turns in into a water-resistant mascara, and use as needed. Special occasions, and pool days. I myself, like Clinique’s version.





·        Makeup isn’t just for the face either. When I bare my gams, I like to use a shimmer lotion, or add a shimmer eye shadow or highlighter to lotion and apply to my legs to blur away any imperfections.







·        An eye base or primer is essential to keeping your shadow looking fresh all day, or evening. Sometime I even wear my base (which has a neutral color) alone with a little loose setting powder over for a “no makeup look”.  

Coat vs. Bulk

zaracoat zaracoat2











In the Northern U.S. there is a very fine line between a “gorgeous coat”, and a straight up “bulky mess”, that is too puffy, uncomfortable, and yet an absolute necessity…
I am having a hard time settling on that extra layer this coming winter. What is going to be practical  and fashionable at the same time? I love everything and then when it comes to making a decision, I don’t like anything…  I understand, that the most fashionable thing to do is layer, layer, layer. However, that is not always attractive when you are racing to take your kid to school in the early AM while in your sweats.

I’m guessing I’ll need a heavy puffer, that hits below the waist for morning drop offs, and a gorgeous wool, cashmere, or fabulous fur, (in anything but basic black) for everything else…

Or, I’ll say goodbye to brutal Mid-West winter’s and move to Miami once and for all…


*Coats pictured are from Can’t go wrong. xo

To Chop or Not?

Short hair


The short hair trend is in, and doesn’t seem to be fading. Chopping hair shoulder length and above is all the rage this fall. One length, and super sleek, or texturized, this cut is the perfect compliment to a layered fall wardrobe.  When I picture this look, I see a luxurious high-neck, cashmere, sweater, with gorgeous leather jeans, and a pair of sexy pointed pumps.

September Issue

So, I have been a little behind on writing as of late. Let’s face it, I’ve been less than inspired these past months. However, my “passion for fashion” never fades. In fact, I could spend ALL day shopping online from site to site finding the perfect ensemble for an event, but then again, I also have a life.
September is my absolute favorite month to bury my head in magazine and fashion related articles to get me through the whole next year, as far as wardrobe goes…

Here is a list of my “must haves” for the coming cooler months.

1.Leather, and more Leather! I’m still obsessed with the pieces I purchased on the past couple years. Can you say good investment? I plan I rocking this trend again this fall/winter. Pants, Skirts, Vests, Jackets, EVERYTHING Leather! Mmmm Yummy.

2. Pointed Toe Pumps & Booties. All day.

3. A Beautiful Camel, Cream, or Pastel – colored coat.

4. High-waisted skinny & Bell-bottom jeans. Darker wash.

5. Tall- Flat boots, that fit the calf… Black & Brown, leather*.

6. Jewels, accessories. More is more.

7. Dark lips. Dark red. Plum Red. Deep dark..

8.  Faux Fur. Vest, Coat, snood, or fringe in boots. “fur” is classic.


Fresh Young Thing


WARNING* A lot of info here. Yet, very helpful…

Whether you are a teen or a mother of one, or even a woman who just isn’t that into “make-up”, I’m going to give my two cents on the fresh face of beginners “make-up”.

First, seek out a line that is super skin friendly. By this, I mean one that is gear toward sensitive skin, even if you don’t consider your to be “sensitive”. Why? Because, there are some serious makeup lines out there that you would think were skin friendly but really are NOT….

Tarte Cosmetics, is my favorite of the moment ( if you haven’t noticed) they are free of all garbage, cruelty free, and beautiful. You can buy it online or through most Sephora stores.  Not to mention, Tarte is very nice to your skin. You could also try professional mineral lines ( through a Doc’s office or clinical skin care facility), or if that is even out of reach and you need to see & feel, go with a Neutrogena or Clinique.

Anyway, my advice is to stray from a powder, and go straight to a tinted moisturizer. I have had a lot of clientele that go this route, I’m really sure why? Maybe it’s they way they were taught or, maybe they feel powder is a lighter coverage, but it usually ends up looking sloppy. Straight up. Personally, I have never been a fan of powders when used alone, (they end up weird on the skin, and usually aren’t applied correctly) it’s just a mess, and not cute at the end of the day, especially when you are a teenager, and everyone is on the prowl for any little flaw. A powder is a good finisher, when you are aiming for a complete face, and anti – shine, after a full make-up application….

So ladies, start with a clean face and make sure you apply moisture (yes, even though you are applying a tinted “moisturizer”). Too much moisturizer is NOT going to make you break out. What is going to make you break out is not properly taking care of your skin at the end of your day, and hormones. Which by the way,no make up or cleanser can control (call your Doc).

Next apply your tinted moisturizer, start and the center of your face and blend outward. Apply to lids (lightly) and under eyes as well. This is why you want to use a makeup with as little garbage/ chemicals as possible in it, because not only all your skin is precious but  the skin around your eyes is especially sensitive. Given the fact you may not even need a concealer, but what you just applied also plays a role as a concealer/ shadow base.

Next apply vanilla, or cream shadow all over lid to seal in base, and prevent creases.  Bronzer can also be applied along top/ outer crease of eyelid, for extra depth.

Fill in brows…. Use a brow pencil or powder. I don’t care, just do it, and be light about it. You’ll thank me later….

Girls in their teens don’t necessarily need concealer, but if you must,  tap on a shade one shade lighter than our skin-tone under the eyes and blend down in an upside down  then up toward temples.  Blend well, & avoid the bright eyed raccoon-look.

For eyeliner use brown  because black will look to harsh, and stay as close to the lash line as possible. If you mess up a bit, go back over the line with an angled liner brush to blur imperfections.

Curl your lashes if you can and use mascara.  Keep eyes slightly opened when applying, and tilt your head upward, and look down so your lids are away from your brow bone.  This helps excess mascara from smudging on your lid, and lash line.


I am not a huge blush fan, as many of my girlfriends will tell you. I feel it’s so over rated. However, I feel it is necessary if your picture is going to be taken or it’s an evening thing. Still, please take it easy on the blush and keep it light, and on the highness or the cheekbones ladies…

Bronze lightly below cheekbones, and temples, and chin/ neck, as needed. Stick to a bronzer geared to your skin tone. There ARE lighter / darker versions….

Lips, don’t let the lips fool you. They are the gait to the heart. They can make or break your “look”.  There has been a revolution in lip service lately, and it’s called the invisible lip liner. Usually it’s a neutral/ nude liner made to go under any lipstick and or gloss. It’s especially, great when your lipstick wears off and you aren’t left with the old lady lip-liner look, on your lippies…

If you need an oil blot for your T-Zone, use a sheer powder in your “T-Zone” only. Oil blotting papers ar great fo retouching through out the day as well.

Less is more. Let that be your model girlies! XOXO







Summer Face




During Summer months, along with wearing lighter/ less clothing, consider your makeup routine to match your wardrobe. Less is more, especially in summer months…

Trade in your heavier, matte foundations for a tinted moisturizer… Need more coverage? Mix a tinted moisturizer with a small drop of fuller coverage foundation, and skip the powder. If necessary, pack oil blotting papers in your purse to blot oil slicks that appear throughout the day, or apply a small amount of powder in just the “T-zone”, to wisk away any excess oil.

My favorite tinted moisturizers are , Tarte Cosmetics -Tinted BB Cream, or Laura Mercier’s Illuminating – Tinted moisturizer. I find that a little extra glow added to the tinted moisturizer blurs imperfections in the skin to give an illusion of perfection.

Apply tinted foundation first, then apply eye primer or a primer shadow. I like to keep my eyes as neutral as I can during the day or the “no-makeup look”. Every now and then it’s refreshing to add a little shimmer to the lids to give the eye a Greek Goddess shimmer, at the pool or at cocktails in the evening. Try bronze or gold, and go easy, because a little goes a long way…

After the eyes and before mascara, apply light concealer ( Think upside down triangle underneath eyes), and blend with a flat brush or a sponge.

Now move on to contour/ cheek area (daytime optional).

LIPS… Summer lips can be glossy, sheer, neutral yet kissable, bright and bold…. But please, think summer! Red, not so much, unless it’s sheer, or there are hints of Tangerine or CoralPink is perfection! Fuchsia to Bubble Gum, Pink is it.

If you are blessed to have a beautifully darker shade of skin, Pink always works, Coral is amazing and Tangerine will give you that WOW factor. Go for it! Especially these summer evenings. Just give yourself a pop or color on your lips. Trust me it will be that little ego power boost you have been craving… Kiss Kiss



DIY Mani & Pedi Perfection

I love the look of freshly lacquered nails, in any and every color. However, the more my to-do’s build up through the year, the more and more I dread going to the nail salon and sitting for a hour and a half. There is the whole not being able to freely use your hands issue that drives me the most crazy. That and every little thing going through my mind as to what I should be getting done, instead of sitting on my bum getting my cuticles nipped.

I feel l have pretty much mastered the DIY mani/ pedi, ad I’m going to share my tips and tricks with you..

Tools you’ll need are:

  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Angled Make-Up Brush (or any thin and sturdy makeup or nail brush)
  • Cuticle Remover/ Softener
  • Callus Foot File or Pumice Stone
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Cuticle Nippers
  • Medium grit / fine Nail File
  • Nail Clippers (optional)
  • Toe Separators
  • Top Coat & Base Coat
  • Color
  • Rapid-Dry spray (any no-stick cooking spray works too)


First start by removing any existing polish, and cleaning the nail of any dirt or oil.

Next, apply cuticle remover around every nail, and even on bottoms of feet. Once it has set it for several seconds gently push back cuticles, and file bottoms of feet and around toes, then rinse.

Next,  trim cuticles, shape nails, and smooth any rough patches on top and around nails with file/ or buffer.

Insert toe separators ( twiated paper towel or Kleenex will do).  Apply base coat, two coats of color polish.

After you polish, clean around cuticles with brush dipped in remover. Re-dip and clean brush as you go over excess around nails. Wipe brush on a paper-towel, to remove excess color as you go from nail to nail.

Now,  touch up any mistakes on nail bed with more color, and apply top coat to seal it all in.

Lastly, let nails set a good 60 seconds before spraying dry spray.

* If handy, set nails in a bowl of ice water for a 10-30 seconds, to really get polish settled. Reapply Rapid-Dry spray, or non-stick cooking spray to nails as you go about life for the nesxt hour or so.


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